The Artisan Group

In April of 2011, while doing a craft show, a representative from The Artisan Group  approached me.  She asked me about my work and I didn't know until she contacted me the next day that she was the co-founder of a celebrity gifting organization based out of California.  She asked me to apply to the group and was very excited when she and her business partner accepted me into this exclusive group of artisans.


In September 2011, I participated in GBK Production's Primetime Emmy Awards Gift Lounge. Since then I have gifted celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Mariska Hargitay through The Artisan Group.  Recently I sent in mini prints to be gifted to twenty five A-listers on Earth Day in The Artisan Group's 2013 Earth Day gift bag and I am currently working on mini prints for their 2013 Mother's Day gift bag.



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